10 hotels where ghosts
The most mysterious and mystical hotels, which can accommodate only a fearless visitor. 1. Villa Saint Antoine (France). Many castles became the subject of legends and mysteries, and Chateau de…

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The best beaches of Italy
As once said by a French writer Jean-Claude Izzo: "The sea happiness comes by itself". This saying is especially true if the sea washes the beautiful beach with soft white…

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Unusual hotels of Ukraine: a night in a cave or on a barge?

No tourist-traveler can wander the world without rest stops. Options to halt today, there are a great many: from cheap hostels to luxurious hotels, frighteningly high cost and Intrusive service. But there are some hotels that captivate, first of all, its twist and affordability for the average wallet. Some interesting hotels you have already heard some things, in others, perhaps even repeatedly stopped.

The Hotel “History”, Polanica

The idea of the hotel . 4-storey designer hotel is only conceptual since it is dedicated to the history of Ukraine at different stages. He is a dark-gray structure, in the evening and at night is illuminated with lanterns and like a fairy house. All the rooms are named after the particular period in Ukrainian history and is decorated accordingly: the Cave, Tripoli, Scythia, Kievan Rus, Serfdom, Princes, the Cossacks, the UPA and Classic. This is perhaps one of the most unusual hotels in Ukraine.

The cost of the hotel rooms . Prices depend on the season, reaching the maximum in the period of new year and Christmas holidays:

Junior Suite – 450 to km/day;

Suite from 600 to 1500 UAH/day;

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Historic hotel Steigenbergerне similar to a modern hotel Zell am see

In the thirteenth year of the last century in the centre of Vienna was built at the Steigenberger. The hotel opens its doors to tourists who have purchased cheap tickets and trips to Austria.

Guests can enjoy free Internet access. Comfortable and fairly spacious rooms with air conditioning.

Decoration of rooms did the staff workshop Einwaller. They decorated the rooms and other buildings in different styles, which are interpreted in the theme of the twenty-first century.

A wonderful vacation in the hotel

Guests of the hotel can enjoy great Spa treatments that are performed in a relaxed and elegant atmosphere. Spa center is located in an area of two hundred and fifty square metres and occupies two floors.

It includes two saunas and a steam room. The hotel also has a fitness centre. The surrounding historical area of Vienna is recognized as part of the cultural heritage of UNESCO.

And luxury shopping streets Graben and Kohlmarkt are invited to take a leisurely walk and visit the Cathedral. Stephen. Just here one hundred and ninety-six beautifully appointed modern rooms. Continue reading

The worst hotel of ghosts and where to find them

Hotel “National” (Moscow, Russia). September 1, 2009 “the national” became the first and only hotel chain the Luxury Collection, which comprises more than 60 hotels worldwide. They all offer exclusivity, unique history, architecture and the highest level of service for the most discerning and respectable guests. I wonder, did the spirit of Vladimir Ilyich to solve the world’s experts on the introduction of in this honorable list.

Dear sir, I am compelled to ask You to continue to lubricate Your chain. Their clanking prevent us from sleeping.

Oscar Wilde “the Canterville Ghost”

Underworld scary and from ancient times attracted people. And even today, in the era of scientific and technological progress, there are countless events and phenomena that are not so easy to explain with modern knowledge. But sometimes instead of finding answers, sometimes much more interesting to give in to primal fear and just believe in the existence of spirits, ghosts, apparitions and other evil spirits. So why not to tickle your nerves, getting in touch with the paranormal, and don’t have a lot of fun?! Continue reading