The best beaches of Italy
As once said by a French writer Jean-Claude Izzo: "The sea happiness comes by itself". This saying is especially true if the sea washes the beautiful beach with soft white…

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Historic hotel Steigenbergerне similar to a modern hotel Zell am see
In the thirteenth year of the last century in the centre of Vienna was built at the Steigenberger. The hotel opens its doors to tourists who have purchased cheap tickets…

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Nice to live not forbid: the most luxurious hotels in the world

Four Seasons (NY)

Stylish, famous for stunning views of the Four Seasons hotel dominates the main shopping and business district of Manhattan between Park and Madison Avenue. Even by new York standards, a very luxurious hotel! 52-storey 208-meter high building – the tallest in the city and third tallest in the United States. In General, the true connoisseurs of luxury have to buy tickets to new York (of course, in first class!).

Dorchester (London)

The Dorchester hotel is one of the most famous in the world. Most of the stars visiting the British capital, stop here. High quality service in this 5-star hotel won multiple awards, making the Dorchester one of the best hotels in the world. Accommodation does not come cheap, but if You want to feel what a real luxury, without compromising your Bank account, you can just enjoy a traditional English tea, served 5 times a day. Continue reading

On Deribasovskaya will return historic hotel

State service of protection of objects of cultural heritage at the Ministry of culture approved the project of the new building of the long-suffering of “Spartacus” (the hotel will return the old name “Imperial”), which was torn down several years ago. The construction will be the firm “Mriya”, which is included in group “Incor”, owned by the Deputy of the city Council Ruslan Tarpan. Sources in the Duma reported that permission to work was given by the mayor of Odessa Eduard Gurvits.

Earlier, officials insisted, to restore the hotel to its original form, with strongly agree the developer and the author of the project — people’s architect of Ukraine Vladimir Glazyrin. The latter claimed that the old “Spartacus” architectural values. In the end, the authorities agreed with the position of the “Incor”. The investor is ready to start construction in the autumn (on leave three years), however, it is necessary to coordinate design documentation. Continue reading

The most unusual hotels in the world

In search of new experiences, exciting and unusual, we discover the most diverse catalog in the world – the world itself! The world with its beauty, with its perfect imperfections, bright, colorful, and colorful… Everyone will find something in this amazing world. All of humanity would like to plunge with holdaway to toe in the fabulously beautiful world.

Welcome to the tale!

I would like to ask who ever slept in a hollow tree, or in the house hamster, etc.

So, I want to tell you that there are such masterpieces as the hotel on the roof of the Museum(France), in the habitation of Diogenes there is a hotel(Netherlands, Germany) and there are many such examples.

Three of the most unusual hotel is located in the following countries: USA,Kenya, and the Maldives.

1)At the expense of the hotel, which is located in USA I want to say that in my opinion this is the most unusual hotel in the world. Built this architectural delights in the form of a dog. Founded the hotel in 1997,he created a married couple by the name of Denniss J. now apart from the fact that the hotel is designed in the beautiful shape it has a staff that does not get bored visitors. Continue reading