Unusual hotels of the world
Hotel Costa Verde , Quepos, Costa Rica To recreate the fantastic atmosphere of the famous TV series to Stay alive . the hotel team was bought and transported to the…

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Features of hotel chains
Hyatt international Corporation (Global Hyatt Corporation), a) is one of the leading international hotel chains, offering services, which is currently more than 365 hotels and resorts in 45 countries around…

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Unusual hotels in unity with nature

This publication presents several examples of interesting and unusual fusion of architecture and nature.

Bubble hotel in France

The project of these small bubbles is owned by designer Pierre — Stephen Dumas (Pierre-Stphane Dumas). Glass rooms allow like is in the room, but at the same time to feel surrounded by nature while indoors. This idea (bubblerooms) used two hotels in France.

Such a good idea, for example, as a recreation room, really – lie, relax, watching as the snow falls, rain falls or admire the stars. Romance!

Norwegian hotel Juvet Landscape

Designed by Studio Jensen & Skodvin Architects, the Juvet Landscape hotel offers 7 private bungalows where guests can peacefully enjoy the mountain views. Continue reading

Hotels in the centre of Lviv

Hotels in Lviv – everything for a great stay

Many tourists during their travel prefer hotels in the center of Lviv – one of the most beautiful cities of Ukraine. And this is not surprising, because the view from the rooms in such cases, offer a wonderful. And besides, all objects of cultural and entertainment programs every tourist are located in close proximity.

Lviv hotels in downtown: there is plenty to choose from

In the heart of the city there is a place not only for locals but also for travelers. Different options quite a lot here, every guest will be able to choose something suitable for yourself. Do not think that hotels in the centre of Lviv is a luxury for the elite. You may well be able to choose between luxury rooms, and simple but cozy and comfortable apartments economy and business class.

For example, Just Lviv It, Del Pozitiff, Golden lion, town Hall square Hostel and many other hotels offering decent accommodation at prices ranging from 80 to 1000 UAH per day. For those of you who enjoy luxury and top class service, suitable rooms cost from 800 to 12000 USD. These apartments are ready to provide hotels Saint Feder boutique, Swiss, Leopolis, Opera, Astoria hotel, Nobilis, Vintage Boutique and some others. Continue reading

The worst hotel of ghosts and where to find them

Hotel “National” (Moscow, Russia). September 1, 2009 “the national” became the first and only hotel chain the Luxury Collection, which comprises more than 60 hotels worldwide. They all offer exclusivity, unique history, architecture and the highest level of service for the most discerning and respectable guests. I wonder, did the spirit of Vladimir Ilyich to solve the world’s experts on the introduction of in this honorable list.

Dear sir, I am compelled to ask You to continue to lubricate Your chain. Their clanking prevent us from sleeping.

Oscar Wilde “the Canterville Ghost”

Underworld scary and from ancient times attracted people. And even today, in the era of scientific and technological progress, there are countless events and phenomena that are not so easy to explain with modern knowledge. But sometimes instead of finding answers, sometimes much more interesting to give in to primal fear and just believe in the existence of spirits, ghosts, apparitions and other evil spirits. So why not to tickle your nerves, getting in touch with the paranormal, and don’t have a lot of fun?! Continue reading