Legendary Gstaad Palace celebrates centenary
December 1913, the Gstaad Palace opened its doors to the guests. After a successful winter season 2012/2013, the Gstaad Palace is planning several important events in honor of its centenary.…

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Beach-hotel "Golden Bay" (Anapa)
How did we end up in this hotel "heaven" prices: one day the weather was not going well, the water of the sea was no (with Tina near the shore)…

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10 hotels where ghosts

The most mysterious and mystical hotels, which can accommodate only a fearless visitor.

1. Villa Saint Antoine (France). Many castles became the subject of legends and mysteries, and Chateau de Tiffo is no exception. In this castle lived a serial killer it is a Pity de Rais, who wrote the famous fairy-tale character Bluebeard. Sinister person was accused that he had caused in the castle of the demons, and in 1440 he was executed for killing over a hundred children. Tiffo de castle called the castle of Blue Beard, and rooms in the nearby hotel Villa Saint Antoine offers a breathtaking view over the castle with ghosts. In addition to such entertainment, the hotel has 43 rooms, restaurant, pool and Spa.

2. Del Coronado (USA). Stately building in southern California is one of the most beautiful beach resorts in the world. In addition to exquisite rooms, shops and restaurants, you will find a chilling story that happened in 1892. Beautiful and young girl stayed in the room 3312 after parting with her husband. Four days later, she shot herself on the beach outside the hotel. After her death it was discovered that the woman was pregnant, took quinine to get rid of it. Since guests often notice the silhouette of a woman who roams the corridors at night. Continue reading

The haunted hotel: a place to live?

In American hotels escorted cockroaches, but I can’t get rid of ghosts. Every hotel has a Ghost. Just some are more sociable than others.

In the early 30’s a young woman supposed to get married at the hotel St. Claire in San Jose, California. Her fiancé left her at the altar, and that night she hung herself in the basement. Today guests from time to time hear the sonorous knock of heels… although all the hotel’s floors are covered with carpets. Every hotel has a Ghost. Just some are more sociable than others.

“Something like that tell quite often, says Eric Torkells, author of “Mystery hotels”. – The hotels are wonderful stories. Through them passed by thousands of people. With this constant contact. And sometimes travel – especially alone – can be quite intimidating.”

Some of the stories about ghosts in hotels is based on the novels about unrequited love – a disembodied couple wandering hand in hand along the beach hotels Don Cesar Beach Resort in St. Petersburg (USA). Come across also other-worldly wags, as, for example, a former waitress who steals spoons at General Morgan Inn in Tennessee. Continue reading