Features of hotel chains
Hyatt international Corporation (Global Hyatt Corporation), a) is one of the leading international hotel chains, offering services, which is currently more than 365 hotels and resorts in 45 countries around…

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Unusual hotels of Spain
60 the most original hotels and apartments that can be entered into this category. Spain came out of the hotel guide, which includes unique places in Spain and Portugal, where…

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Top 10 haunted hotels

Many people think that ghosts are just a figment of human imagination or traces of people who once lived in the building. Of absorbed a lot of emotion, so we can assume that there is something mysterious. We present the rating of hotels with ghosts Top 10 in which you will really be scary.

First place in the Top 10. Le Pavillon Hotel

The hotel was built in 1907, the year, from that time he became a luxurious venue for a romantic getaway. Some sources report that live here at least five ghosts. Famous is the spirit of Adda – girl was run over by a wagon. In addition, residents of the hotel can see an old lady and a couple who hold hands. It is impossible to forget and hippies, who “runs” around the hotel.

2. Ballygally Castle Hotel

The hotel have a very interesting story, and it is no wonder it takes second place in our Top 10 . after all, one of the owners of the castle was James Shaw, whose wife was unable to give him a child. As the story goes, James closed his wife in the tower where she jumped out the window. They say that Isabel appears here often, as does James. Continue reading

The best hotels of South and North Goa

Going on vacation to India, in GOA? It’s time to choose hotel, how good will be your choice will depend on how happy you will be a vacation spent in this amazing country. And there are plenty to choose, hotels GOA India presents very widely, and each hotel is ready to hospitably open its doors to guests – in front of you.

On the pages of our website you can find GOA hotels, family vacation, hotels located on the shores of the Arabian sea, the ocean, hotels with extensive leisure infrastructure. Choose the best of the best, and we can help you with this.

Hotels in South GOA

Hotels South GOA, basically, is a large tourist complexes with well-developed entertainment infrastructure. A trip to South GOA an ideal solution for those who love beach holidays, who appreciate high service South GOA is the white sand sunbathing, is bathing, fishing, excursions it. This, of course, a lot of vivid impressions, positive emotions. Continue reading

Famous hotels in Miami beach

Miami beach is the most wonderful part of Florida. which attracts hundreds of tourists. There’s all sorts of entertainment and recreation. Therefore, if you plan to relax in such a beautiful place, you probably need information about hotels in Miami beach or other properties.

Just want to note that Miami beach is not a cheap holiday destination in the United States. For example, the rental might be cheap, but pay for Parking and toll roads can significantly increase your expenses for the car, sometimes even 2 times. Alternatively, you can just rent a Bicycle, this type of transport is very popular in Miami beach. After all, to travel on foot in the heat is not the best option.

If you have a small budget, it is better not to order food in restaurants, because there are high fees and various tips. Very often there hanging out publicity agents hired by these restaurants who can talk you to order any service.

About prices on hotels in Miami beach. The muddy hotel, where nothing is enabled, it may be possible to find for $ 100, but at that time 2-day cruise to the Bahamas is worth the same 100 dollars. Or another cruise for a week can cost just $ 600. So it turns out that it is more profitable to enjoy a cruise than a hotel in Miami beach. Continue reading