Unusual hotels
Dubai will create the first year-round ice hotel Blue Lodge. What is the most unusual hotels in the world exist or only planned, look in our gallery. The hotel should…

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Unusual hotels of Spain
60 the most original hotels and apartments that can be entered into this category. Spain came out of the hotel guide, which includes unique places in Spain and Portugal, where…

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Chanel, Nabokov, Hemingway: why famous people lived in hotels for years?

Coco Chanel, Ernest Hemingway, Joseph Brodsky, Mario Quintana and Vladimir Nabokov. Know that these people have in common? Each of them is a significant part of life spent in the hotel that replaced the house. They chose a hotel space home comfort, and provided good publicity hotels – room of the Paris Ritz, where Chanel lived, or Cuban room 511 at Ambos Mundos, where Hemingway spent seven years, still attract the attention of thousands of tourists.

Coco Chanel lived in the Ritz Paris hotel, Palace, Paris

Itself Chanel called Paris her home not only as “home”. Elegant apartment overlooking the place vendôme and the Ritz gardens, consist of two bedrooms, living room and two bathrooms. Unlike clothes very concise, which was created by Chanel, the interior of her home minimalist. Lacquered furniture from the Coromandel, Baroque mirrors and rhinestone. The designer has lived in a luxurious decoration for 37 years, until his death in 1971. Coco Chanel Suite is still available for booking in about 4 500 euros per night. Continue reading

Legendary hotels Sandals

White sandy beaches, lapped by the gentle waves of the ocean. Serene, a Paradise Earth, where time freezes in anticipation of a fabulous Wonderland. Luxury beyond your ability.

. welcome to the world of Sandals!

Here disappears a thin line between Your deepest desires and reality.

His story is now legendary Sandals started about 30 years ago, when the President of the company Mr. Gordon Butch Stewart opened the first hotel in Jamaica luxury resort Montego Bay. And for 18 years Sandals is a recognized leader among hotels in the Caribbean. Sandals because it is one of the first to provide to its customers services on the system “all inclusive”, so common today. But here brought to perfection, it works on the level of exceptional features: Luxury All Inclusive . And now, luxury is just the unconditional attribute of Your comfortable stay. Continue reading