A list of the most expensive and luxurious hotels in the world
The traditional idea of a hotel room as a place with a certain comfort to spend the night and then continue your journey to the destination, clearly do not correspond…

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The most unusual hotels in the world
Traveling to different countries of the world imply not only a familiarity with the sights and chat with local residents, but also the need to address the huge number of…

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Hotels in the centre of Lviv

Hotels in Lviv – everything for a great stay

Many tourists during their travel prefer hotels in the center of Lviv – one of the most beautiful cities of Ukraine. And this is not surprising, because the view from the rooms in such cases, offer a wonderful. And besides, all objects of cultural and entertainment programs every tourist are located in close proximity.

Lviv hotels in downtown: there is plenty to choose from

In the heart of the city there is a place not only for locals but also for travelers. Different options quite a lot here, every guest will be able to choose something suitable for yourself. Do not think that hotels in the centre of Lviv is a luxury for the elite. You may well be able to choose between luxury rooms, and simple but cozy and comfortable apartments economy and business class.

For example, Just Lviv It, Del Pozitiff, Golden lion, town Hall square Hostel and many other hotels offering decent accommodation at prices ranging from 80 to 1000 UAH per day. For those of you who enjoy luxury and top class service, suitable rooms cost from 800 to 12000 USD. These apartments are ready to provide hotels Saint Feder boutique, Swiss, Leopolis, Opera, Astoria hotel, Nobilis, Vintage Boutique and some others. Continue reading

Unusual hotels of the world

For someone “renculus” may mean a guarantee of a relaxing holiday, and someone this boring, completely devoid of drive vacation is praytel. For last — our selection of unexpected places to spend your vacation. Hotels open today in beacon, old planes, prisons and trains. And this is not limited to the list of places where you can stay. The way things were going, in the future, the production of cinder block and pavers will simply not favorable.

The Hotel KumbukRiver Eco Extraordinaire (Sri Lanka)

Hotel in the village situated in a wild and treacherous jungle, proud of its unusual status as a major at Elephanta in the world. However, the hotel is somewhat contrary to the proud name — once the hotel is able to accommodate no more than 10 tourists. More mobile counterparts, you can see out the window. Day the hotel will cost $250 for two. It’s a penny for those who want to hide in the hotel from the arrows of the local natives.

Hotel Dog Bark Park Inn 3* USA, Idaho

Small family hotel in one of the provinces of America to delight the dog lover. Owners of “dogs bark” is a married couple Francis and Dennis Sullivan. The interior of the hotel completely justifies its name, nutrisse cluttered and full of images. Continue reading

Which hotel is better and what suits You best?

At Your REQUEST we will be happy to find the best option for You!

Hotel rooms – spacious double rooms measuring 60-80 m2

Villa hotel with its own large plot of land, located on the vast territories of resorts, around which there are well-developed hotel infrastructure and entertainment and are fenced from the outside world

Detached Villa . also with a large plot of land and garden, but they are not part of the resort areas. They are Autonomous and independent

Apart-hotels – a spacious Studio and penthouse in complexes and residences. This 2-3 storey building of hotel type, with large balconies and verandas, they have their own territory, clean beach and everything you need for a great vacation

All prices are in Euro and indicate the full cost of the Villa for 1 night. The number of guests is limited to only beds.

The exact cost must be clarified – it depends on time of travel, length of stay, number of guests, advance booking and prepayment amount Continue reading