The most famous hotels of St. Petersburg
In the tourist Mecca of Russia, Saint-Petersburg, hotels in great diversity, ranging from large well-known network and to mini-hotels with several rooms. But there of that is different from the…

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Chanel, Nabokov, Hemingway: why famous people lived in hotels for years?
Coco Chanel, Ernest Hemingway, Joseph Brodsky, Mario Quintana and Vladimir Nabokov. Know that these people have in common? Each of them is a significant part of life spent in the…

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Extraordinary hotel in Tyumen is more than just a hotel!

Green House is located in one of the most ecologically clean districts of Tyumen, near the Park “birch grove” and a small duck lake, it became the best project of 2004. The architecture of the building is expressed in the characteristic features of medieval Anglo-Saxon castles, is the aspiration to the sky, high pitched roofs, slender Gothic facades, stained glass Windows, Lancet Windows, decorated air ducts, spires, imitation half-timbered structures, weather-vanes and flagpoles.

Only here, almost in the center of the city, you will Wake up from singing of birds – most of the rooms overlook the beautiful Park to enjoy Breakfast under the chiming clock on one of the many terraces of the castle to watch the stunning sunset while sitting in a chair on the balcony of your room. Only here You will be able to know what the interior tourism, thanks to the luxurious personal rooms made in the author’s design Royal, Gold, Olive, Victorian, Romanesque, Rembrandt, Ballet, French, Madame De Pompadour, Heraldic, Jouy and Provence, as well as cozy interiors of the Scandinavian countries, England and France. Original landscape design, architecture, building, familiar furnishings take You back to the middle ages, in times of castles, knights and beautiful ladies. Continue reading