Famous hotels in Miami beach
Miami beach is the most wonderful part of Florida. which attracts hundreds of tourists. There's all sorts of entertainment and recreation. Therefore, if you plan to relax in such a…

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La Réserve luxury hotel
La Réserve de Beaulieu, a legendary and charming town on the Riviera, is a unique place in the spirit of a luxury Mediterranean hotels... In the likeness of Beaulieu-sur-Mer, La…

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The most unusual, exclusive and luxurious hotels of the planet

The highest and most expensive hotel: Burj al Arab (Dubai, UAE)

Burj al Arab, more popularly known as “Sail”, is the most expensive and luxurious hotel in the world. There are no conventional rooms. All 202 suites. All rooms are two-storey, and the smallest area – 170 sqm and the largest is 780 sq. m. the Night in the cheapest room will cost You 1,500 dollars. This is the first seven-star hotel in the world, and concurrently he is the symbol of Dubai. Sheikh Mohammed – ruler of Dubai is understood that the development of tourism to the Emirate needed a recognizable symbol. Same as the Eiffel tower in Paris or the Statue of Liberty in new York. For these goals he hired the English architect Tom Wright. The idea to build a hotel in the shape of Sails came to him accidentally. He sat at the bar and drank beer. Past the window sailed Arab Dhow with a sail. Tom cried: “Eureka! Here is a simple and recognizable shape that can draw even a child!” “Dubai sail” – also known as this unique hotel. The shape of the building resembles the sail of Arab boats “Dou”, the construction of which was a very tedious process: it is made of special fabric covered with double layer of Teflon, and is Central to the façade. Continue reading

The most expensive hotels in Baku

Presidential Suite – 11 825 AZN/day…

Luxury hotels, including in Azerbaijan increased in recent years, along with their high quality services and comfort have and its expensive prices.

According to Oxu.Az with reference to Seyyah.az. prices per night in the most expensive rooms in the most expensive hotels in Baku, in the range of several thousand manat.

The most expensive rooms in the city are located in hotels “Four seasons” and “Jumeyrah”, which is considered well-known brands.

1.”Four seasons” – “the Presidential Suite” – 11 825 AZN/day

The most expensive room at the hotel in Baku is a “Presidential Suite” at the hotel “Four seasons”, considered one of the most luxurious – 020 10 manat. When you consider the Breakfast and the value added tax (VAT) -18%, the price of this room reaches 11 825 AZN. Continue reading

Historic hotel Steigenbergerне similar to a modern hotel Zell am see

In the thirteenth year of the last century in the centre of Vienna was built at the Steigenberger. The hotel opens its doors to tourists who have purchased cheap tickets and trips to Austria.

Guests can enjoy free Internet access. Comfortable and fairly spacious rooms with air conditioning.

Decoration of rooms did the staff workshop Einwaller. They decorated the rooms and other buildings in different styles, which are interpreted in the theme of the twenty-first century.

A wonderful vacation in the hotel

Guests of the hotel can enjoy great Spa treatments that are performed in a relaxed and elegant atmosphere. Spa center is located in an area of two hundred and fifty square metres and occupies two floors.

It includes two saunas and a steam room. The hotel also has a fitness centre. The surrounding historical area of Vienna is recognized as part of the cultural heritage of UNESCO.

And luxury shopping streets Graben and Kohlmarkt are invited to take a leisurely walk and visit the Cathedral. Stephen. Just here one hundred and ninety-six beautifully appointed modern rooms. Continue reading