Extraordinary hotel in Tyumen is more than just a hotel!
Green House is located in one of the most ecologically clean districts of Tyumen, near the Park "birch grove" and a small duck lake, it became the best project of…

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The most expensive hotels in Baku
Presidential Suite - 11 825 AZN/day... Luxury hotels, including in Azerbaijan increased in recent years, along with their high quality services and comfort have and its expensive prices. According to…

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The best hotels of South and North Goa

Going on vacation to India, in GOA? It’s time to choose hotel, how good will be your choice will depend on how happy you will be a vacation spent in this amazing country. And there are plenty to choose, hotels GOA India presents very widely, and each hotel is ready to hospitably open its doors to guests – in front of you.

On the pages of our website you can find GOA hotels, family vacation, hotels located on the shores of the Arabian sea, the ocean, hotels with extensive leisure infrastructure. Choose the best of the best, and we can help you with this.

Hotels in South GOA

Hotels South GOA, basically, is a large tourist complexes with well-developed entertainment infrastructure. A trip to South GOA an ideal solution for those who love beach holidays, who appreciate high service South GOA is the white sand sunbathing, is bathing, fishing, excursions it. This, of course, a lot of vivid impressions, positive emotions. Continue reading

Hotels China

Hotels China the most important part of your journey in this amazing country . It often happens that the time to choose the hotel and begin to rush from one extreme to another. And rightly so, as finding a good hotel in the right place, and at a reasonable price is almost impossible. If there is such an option, it is probably already booked, and alas, not You.

It turns out that You came at least 7-14 days and the hotel becomes a temporary home where you can relax and gather strength for the coming day. But imagine that all of Your long-awaited and unforgettable journey into the mysterious world of China can ruin one thing – incorrectly selected hotel.

Not very pleasant to sleep on stale sheets. To turn on the light and watch the fleeing hordes of Chinese cockroaches. In the bathroom there is no shower, an air conditioner and no fridge. In the winter time in hotels 3* stars no heating – remember this!

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Which hotel is better and what suits You best?

At Your REQUEST we will be happy to find the best option for You!

Hotel rooms – spacious double rooms measuring 60-80 m2

Villa hotel with its own large plot of land, located on the vast territories of resorts, around which there are well-developed hotel infrastructure and entertainment and are fenced from the outside world

Detached Villa . also with a large plot of land and garden, but they are not part of the resort areas. They are Autonomous and independent

Apart-hotels – a spacious Studio and penthouse in complexes and residences. This 2-3 storey building of hotel type, with large balconies and verandas, they have their own territory, clean beach and everything you need for a great vacation

All prices are in Euro and indicate the full cost of the Villa for 1 night. The number of guests is limited to only beds.

The exact cost must be clarified – it depends on time of travel, length of stay, number of guests, advance booking and prepayment amount Continue reading