The most famous hotels of St. Petersburg
In the tourist Mecca of Russia, Saint-Petersburg, hotels in great diversity, ranging from large well-known network and to mini-hotels with several rooms. But there of that is different from the…

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Hotels China
Hotels China the most important part of your journey in this amazing country . It often happens that the time to choose the hotel and begin to rush from one…

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Nice to live not forbid: the most luxurious hotels in the world

Four Seasons (NY)

Stylish, famous for stunning views of the Four Seasons hotel dominates the main shopping and business district of Manhattan between Park and Madison Avenue. Even by new York standards, a very luxurious hotel! 52-storey 208-meter high building – the tallest in the city and third tallest in the United States. In General, the true connoisseurs of luxury have to buy tickets to new York (of course, in first class!).

Dorchester (London)

The Dorchester hotel is one of the most famous in the world. Most of the stars visiting the British capital, stop here. High quality service in this 5-star hotel won multiple awards, making the Dorchester one of the best hotels in the world. Accommodation does not come cheap, but if You want to feel what a real luxury, without compromising your Bank account, you can just enjoy a traditional English tea, served 5 times a day. Continue reading

The worst hotel of ghosts and where to find them

Hotel “National” (Moscow, Russia). September 1, 2009 “the national” became the first and only hotel chain the Luxury Collection, which comprises more than 60 hotels worldwide. They all offer exclusivity, unique history, architecture and the highest level of service for the most discerning and respectable guests. I wonder, did the spirit of Vladimir Ilyich to solve the world’s experts on the introduction of in this honorable list.

Dear sir, I am compelled to ask You to continue to lubricate Your chain. Their clanking prevent us from sleeping.

Oscar Wilde “the Canterville Ghost”

Underworld scary and from ancient times attracted people. And even today, in the era of scientific and technological progress, there are countless events and phenomena that are not so easy to explain with modern knowledge. But sometimes instead of finding answers, sometimes much more interesting to give in to primal fear and just believe in the existence of spirits, ghosts, apparitions and other evil spirits. So why not to tickle your nerves, getting in touch with the paranormal, and don’t have a lot of fun?! Continue reading

Which hotel is better and what suits You best?

At Your REQUEST we will be happy to find the best option for You!

Hotel rooms – spacious double rooms measuring 60-80 m2

Villa hotel with its own large plot of land, located on the vast territories of resorts, around which there are well-developed hotel infrastructure and entertainment and are fenced from the outside world

Detached Villa . also with a large plot of land and garden, but they are not part of the resort areas. They are Autonomous and independent

Apart-hotels – a spacious Studio and penthouse in complexes and residences. This 2-3 storey building of hotel type, with large balconies and verandas, they have their own territory, clean beach and everything you need for a great vacation

All prices are in Euro and indicate the full cost of the Villa for 1 night. The number of guests is limited to only beds.

The exact cost must be clarified – it depends on time of travel, length of stay, number of guests, advance booking and prepayment amount Continue reading