Best Singapore hotel
The Hotel Сapella Singapore. located on a small island of Sentosa, voted best hotel of the state of Singapore. Above the resort worked the best of the best architects London,…

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The haunted hotel: a place to live?
In American hotels escorted cockroaches, but I can't get rid of ghosts. Every hotel has a Ghost. Just some are more sociable than others. In the early 30's a young…

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Hotels in the centre of Lviv

Hotels in Lviv – everything for a great stay

Many tourists during their travel prefer hotels in the center of Lviv – one of the most beautiful cities of Ukraine. And this is not surprising, because the view from the rooms in such cases, offer a wonderful. And besides, all objects of cultural and entertainment programs every tourist are located in close proximity.

Lviv hotels in downtown: there is plenty to choose from

In the heart of the city there is a place not only for locals but also for travelers. Different options quite a lot here, every guest will be able to choose something suitable for yourself. Do not think that hotels in the centre of Lviv is a luxury for the elite. You may well be able to choose between luxury rooms, and simple but cozy and comfortable apartments economy and business class.

For example, Just Lviv It, Del Pozitiff, Golden lion, town Hall square Hostel and many other hotels offering decent accommodation at prices ranging from 80 to 1000 UAH per day. For those of you who enjoy luxury and top class service, suitable rooms cost from 800 to 12000 USD. These apartments are ready to provide hotels Saint Feder boutique, Swiss, Leopolis, Opera, Astoria hotel, Nobilis, Vintage Boutique and some others. Continue reading

Unusual hotels of Ukraine: a night in a cave or on a barge?

No tourist-traveler can wander the world without rest stops. Options to halt today, there are a great many: from cheap hostels to luxurious hotels, frighteningly high cost and Intrusive service. But there are some hotels that captivate, first of all, its twist and affordability for the average wallet. Some interesting hotels you have already heard some things, in others, perhaps even repeatedly stopped.

The Hotel “History”, Polanica

The idea of the hotel . 4-storey designer hotel is only conceptual since it is dedicated to the history of Ukraine at different stages. He is a dark-gray structure, in the evening and at night is illuminated with lanterns and like a fairy house. All the rooms are named after the particular period in Ukrainian history and is decorated accordingly: the Cave, Tripoli, Scythia, Kievan Rus, Serfdom, Princes, the Cossacks, the UPA and Classic. This is perhaps one of the most unusual hotels in Ukraine.

The cost of the hotel rooms . Prices depend on the season, reaching the maximum in the period of new year and Christmas holidays:

Junior Suite – 450 to km/day;

Suite from 600 to 1500 UAH/day;

Suite duplex – from 600 to 1500 UAH/day. Continue reading

The most unusual hotels in the world

In search of new experiences, exciting and unusual, we discover the most diverse catalog in the world – the world itself! The world with its beauty, with its perfect imperfections, bright, colorful, and colorful… Everyone will find something in this amazing world. All of humanity would like to plunge with holdaway to toe in the fabulously beautiful world.

Welcome to the tale!

I would like to ask who ever slept in a hollow tree, or in the house hamster, etc.

So, I want to tell you that there are such masterpieces as the hotel on the roof of the Museum(France), in the habitation of Diogenes there is a hotel(Netherlands, Germany) and there are many such examples.

Three of the most unusual hotel is located in the following countries: USA,Kenya, and the Maldives.

1)At the expense of the hotel, which is located in USA I want to say that in my opinion this is the most unusual hotel in the world. Built this architectural delights in the form of a dog. Founded the hotel in 1997,he created a married couple by the name of Denniss J. now apart from the fact that the hotel is designed in the beautiful shape it has a staff that does not get bored visitors. Continue reading