Unusual hotels in St. Petersburg
Mini hotels in Saint Petersburg great variety. From budget to De Luxe in the historical centre and in residential areas. Stay in hotels of this type people who like a…

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Top 10 haunted hotels
Many people think that ghosts are just a figment of human imagination or traces of people who once lived in the building. Of absorbed a lot of emotion, so we…

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Dominican Republic, 5 star hotels, Punta Cana

If in this world there are better opportunities, these possibilities are created for us.

When your income rises to a certain bar, you start to value quality and comfort.

Every journey becomes even more vivid and exquisite.

You choose only 5 stars.

You choose only the most chic hotels for your vacation in the best resorts in the world.


The most luxurious hotels on the coast. Undoubtedly, in the Dominican Republic there are many luxury hotels, but PARADISUS PALMA is a place that combines luxury and first class service. It is a place where you can feel absolute comfort.

The hotel is located in 20 kilometers from the Punta Cana airport. The complex consists of 3-storey cottages built around the pool, which is made in the form of a lake. Continue reading