The most unusual hotels in the world
Traveling to different countries of the world imply not only a familiarity with the sights and chat with local residents, but also the need to address the huge number of…

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The most expensive hotels in Baku
Presidential Suite - 11 825 AZN/day... Luxury hotels, including in Azerbaijan increased in recent years, along with their high quality services and comfort have and its expensive prices. According to…

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Nice to live not forbid: the most luxurious hotels in the world

Four Seasons (NY)

Stylish, famous for stunning views of the Four Seasons hotel dominates the main shopping and business district of Manhattan between Park and Madison Avenue. Even by new York standards, a very luxurious hotel! 52-storey 208-meter high building – the tallest in the city and third tallest in the United States. In General, the true connoisseurs of luxury have to buy tickets to new York (of course, in first class!).

Dorchester (London)

The Dorchester hotel is one of the most famous in the world. Most of the stars visiting the British capital, stop here. High quality service in this 5-star hotel won multiple awards, making the Dorchester one of the best hotels in the world. Accommodation does not come cheap, but if You want to feel what a real luxury, without compromising your Bank account, you can just enjoy a traditional English tea, served 5 times a day. Continue reading

Unusual hotels in St. Petersburg

Mini hotels in Saint Petersburg great variety. From budget to De Luxe in the historical centre and in residential areas. Stay in hotels of this type people who like a quiet holiday and those who want to save on accommodation. Among the guests of mini hotels of St. Petersburg meet and the people who choose the hotel in style and flavor.

The Greenwich is a new hotel that meets the requirements of the most discerning of taste. The interior of this cosy mini-hotel of St. Petersburg is designed in classic Victorian style. Old England in the heart of St. Petersburg. The dream of anglomane and a joyful discovery for all those immutable values home – comfort, security, comfort. Many interior details at Greenwich brought from England and Wales.

Heavy curtains on the Windows will allow guests even white to sleep at night, massive high-quality furniture inspires confidence. Soft patterns, simple and refined dishes paired the lamp with a heavy carved pedestal – elements of the noble subtle decor that characterize the Victorian style. If you stay once at the hotel, the Greenwich, the visitor runs the risk of “sick” “good old England”. Continue reading

Famous hotels of Sochi fell

In Sochi significantly decreased the cost of accommodation of tourists in hotels. According to data provided by the websites of booking of places in hotels, the room rate the hotel compared to last year (when the Olympics were taken here) fell by 60 percent, and since the beginning of January this year, average prices declined by 8 percent.

Now is the most economical version of the settlement in a three-star hotel will cost you at the resort 1,8 thousand rubles per night. And five-star hotels will cost about 7 thousand rubles per room. It should be recalled that during the new year holidays the price of accommodation in hotels of Sochi reached 20 thousand rubles per room on average.

Why falling prices?

According to experts, the cause of the fall of value is the activity of the tourist flow inside the country. It turned out that already in March in Sochi, the download of the resorts and hotels will exceed 50 percent. And this is the first time in several years. Such data shared by the management of resort and tourism of the city administration. Continue reading