Hotels Las Vegas – TOP most original hotels of the entertainment capital of the United States
After we published the detailed instruction "How to get married in Las Vegas ", we regularly seek advice about the wedding. In addition to clarification on the paperwork, one of…

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On Deribasovskaya will return historic hotel
State service of protection of objects of cultural heritage at the Ministry of culture approved the project of the new building of the long-suffering of "Spartacus" (the hotel will return…

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An overview of the most unusual hotels and restaurants

Hotels and restaurants of the new time are striking in their unique idea. Made on new technologies, embodied all the imagination architects, they impress everyone.

Today, architects are getting more and more freedom to implement their insane projects. And one of the most demanded areas for the application of their talent is in the HoReCa sector, i.e. the industry of hotel and restaurant business, which offers plans stunning and unusual structures that impress with their ideas. Huge underwater hotel, hanging in the air restaurant, hotel-volcano and more in the review of the masterpieces of architectural structures

Water Discus hotel, which experts from the Polish architectural Studio Deep Ocean Technology has developed to build in the Persian Gulf right under the water! Its upper disc, which includes a helipad, a swimming pool and a restaurant, will be located at a height of 7 meters above the surface. Continue reading