The most famous hotels of St. Petersburg
In the tourist Mecca of Russia, Saint-Petersburg, hotels in great diversity, ranging from large well-known network and to mini-hotels with several rooms. But there of that is different from the…

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The haunted hotel: a place to live?
In American hotels escorted cockroaches, but I can't get rid of ghosts. Every hotel has a Ghost. Just some are more sociable than others. In the early 30's a young…

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Unusual hotels in unity with nature

This publication presents several examples of interesting and unusual fusion of architecture and nature.

Bubble hotel in France

The project of these small bubbles is owned by designer Pierre — Stephen Dumas (Pierre-Stphane Dumas). Glass rooms allow like is in the room, but at the same time to feel surrounded by nature while indoors. This idea (bubblerooms) used two hotels in France.

Such a good idea, for example, as a recreation room, really – lie, relax, watching as the snow falls, rain falls or admire the stars. Romance!

Norwegian hotel Juvet Landscape

Designed by Studio Jensen & Skodvin Architects, the Juvet Landscape hotel offers 7 private bungalows where guests can peacefully enjoy the mountain views. Continue reading

Unusual hotels of Ukraine: a night in a cave or on a barge?

No tourist-traveler can wander the world without rest stops. Options to halt today, there are a great many: from cheap hostels to luxurious hotels, frighteningly high cost and Intrusive service. But there are some hotels that captivate, first of all, its twist and affordability for the average wallet. Some interesting hotels you have already heard some things, in others, perhaps even repeatedly stopped.

The Hotel “History”, Polanica

The idea of the hotel . 4-storey designer hotel is only conceptual since it is dedicated to the history of Ukraine at different stages. He is a dark-gray structure, in the evening and at night is illuminated with lanterns and like a fairy house. All the rooms are named after the particular period in Ukrainian history and is decorated accordingly: the Cave, Tripoli, Scythia, Kievan Rus, Serfdom, Princes, the Cossacks, the UPA and Classic. This is perhaps one of the most unusual hotels in Ukraine.

The cost of the hotel rooms . Prices depend on the season, reaching the maximum in the period of new year and Christmas holidays:

Junior Suite – 450 to km/day;

Suite from 600 to 1500 UAH/day;

Suite duplex – from 600 to 1500 UAH/day. Continue reading

Unusual hotels of the world

For someone “renculus” may mean a guarantee of a relaxing holiday, and someone this boring, completely devoid of drive vacation is praytel. For last — our selection of unexpected places to spend your vacation. Hotels open today in beacon, old planes, prisons and trains. And this is not limited to the list of places where you can stay. The way things were going, in the future, the production of cinder block and pavers will simply not favorable.

The Hotel KumbukRiver Eco Extraordinaire (Sri Lanka)

Hotel in the village situated in a wild and treacherous jungle, proud of its unusual status as a major at Elephanta in the world. However, the hotel is somewhat contrary to the proud name — once the hotel is able to accommodate no more than 10 tourists. More mobile counterparts, you can see out the window. Day the hotel will cost $250 for two. It’s a penny for those who want to hide in the hotel from the arrows of the local natives.

Hotel Dog Bark Park Inn 3* USA, Idaho

Small family hotel in one of the provinces of America to delight the dog lover. Owners of “dogs bark” is a married couple Francis and Dennis Sullivan. The interior of the hotel completely justifies its name, nutrisse cluttered and full of images. Continue reading