Hotels Las Vegas – TOP most original hotels of the entertainment capital of the United States
After we published the detailed instruction "How to get married in Las Vegas ", we regularly seek advice about the wedding. In addition to clarification on the paperwork, one of…

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Extraordinary hotel in Tyumen is more than just a hotel!
Green House is located in one of the most ecologically clean districts of Tyumen, near the Park "birch grove" and a small duck lake, it became the best project of…

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What to see in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of those unique cities in the world, are definitely worth a visit. Watch Las Vegas interesting at any time of the year.

Brought up on Soviet propaganda, I believed that Las Vegas is the center of debauchery, excitement and all sorts of human vices.

Imagine my surprise when, once there, I learned that the city’s revenues from gambling account for only 10%, and the rest is income from various other human pleasures and entertainment.

First of all, this is the best international shows and performances, a huge number of restaurants for every taste and budget, exhibitions, excursions, shopping etc. And in casinos, frankly, most of visitors are tourists who come by to look at it all, but at the same time too and play. Continue reading

The most famous hotels of St. Petersburg

In the tourist Mecca of Russia, Saint-Petersburg, hotels in great diversity, ranging from large well-known network and to mini-hotels with several rooms. But there of that is different from the rest of its long history, which they carry back to the former Soviet Union or even Russian Empire. Now these hotels are mostly owned by foreign hotel chains, and the prominence they have gained over the years of its existence, making them very attractive among tourists from Russia and foreign countries. We will describe some of them.

One of the most famous and oldest hotels in St. Petersburg – the hotel “Angleterre”. It was built in 1856 by architect A. Robben as an apartment house and was a favorite meeting place for intellectuals, and in 1876 was preoborudvat the hotel. Here in 1921 stayed Isadora Duncan lived and tragically died of Sergey Esenin. In 1987, despite the rally, the hotel was demolished and in 1991, rebuilt again, and now owned by the Rocco Forte Hotels. Continue reading

In ancient Kiev hotel “Leipzig” will invest $70 million

$27 million of this amount will provide in the form of a loan of the EBRD. After the reconstruction the hotel will have 180 rooms and underground Parking

The total budget of the project of reconstruction of hotel “Leipzig” will be about $70 million.

This was announced by Director General of ISTIL Management Vadim Nostril. Of this amount, $27 million will be allocated by a loan from the European Bank for reconstruction and development.

“Today, the total Project budget, which includes everything: the cost of the acquisition, completion of technical specifications for connecting to urban networks, construction, supply of necessary equipment, furniture and furnishings of the hotel is about $70 million,” said Nostril. Continue reading