Dominican Republic, 5 star hotels, Punta Cana
If in this world there are better opportunities, these possibilities are created for us. When your income rises to a certain bar, you start to value quality and comfort. Every…

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Famous hotels of Sochi fell
In Sochi significantly decreased the cost of accommodation of tourists in hotels. According to data provided by the websites of booking of places in hotels, the room rate the hotel…

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Hotels in the centre of Lviv

Hotels in Lviv – everything for a great stay

Many tourists during their travel prefer hotels in the center of Lviv – one of the most beautiful cities of Ukraine. And this is not surprising, because the view from the rooms in such cases, offer a wonderful. And besides, all objects of cultural and entertainment programs every tourist are located in close proximity.

Lviv hotels in downtown: there is plenty to choose from

In the heart of the city there is a place not only for locals but also for travelers. Different options quite a lot here, every guest will be able to choose something suitable for yourself. Do not think that hotels in the centre of Lviv is a luxury for the elite. You may well be able to choose between luxury rooms, and simple but cozy and comfortable apartments economy and business class.

For example, Just Lviv It, Del Pozitiff, Golden lion, town Hall square Hostel and many other hotels offering decent accommodation at prices ranging from 80 to 1000 UAH per day. For those of you who enjoy luxury and top class service, suitable rooms cost from 800 to 12000 USD. These apartments are ready to provide hotels Saint Feder boutique, Swiss, Leopolis, Opera, Astoria hotel, Nobilis, Vintage Boutique and some others. Continue reading

Historic hotel Steigenbergerне similar to a modern hotel Zell am see

In the thirteenth year of the last century in the centre of Vienna was built at the Steigenberger. The hotel opens its doors to tourists who have purchased cheap tickets and trips to Austria.

Guests can enjoy free Internet access. Comfortable and fairly spacious rooms with air conditioning.

Decoration of rooms did the staff workshop Einwaller. They decorated the rooms and other buildings in different styles, which are interpreted in the theme of the twenty-first century.

A wonderful vacation in the hotel

Guests of the hotel can enjoy great Spa treatments that are performed in a relaxed and elegant atmosphere. Spa center is located in an area of two hundred and fifty square metres and occupies two floors.

It includes two saunas and a steam room. The hotel also has a fitness centre. The surrounding historical area of Vienna is recognized as part of the cultural heritage of UNESCO.

And luxury shopping streets Graben and Kohlmarkt are invited to take a leisurely walk and visit the Cathedral. Stephen. Just here one hundred and ninety-six beautifully appointed modern rooms. Continue reading

Hotels Las Vegas – TOP most original hotels of the entertainment capital of the United States

After we published the detailed instruction “How to get married in Las Vegas “, we regularly seek advice about the wedding. In addition to clarification on the paperwork, one of the often asked questions is where to stay in Las Vegas.

Indeed, there are an incredible number of hotels to choose may be difficult.

Meanwhile Las Vegas – the city is quite small, constantly it is home to only 500 thousand people, but the number of visitors is incomparably more only for 2012 year it was attended by about 40 million tourists. thus breaking the previous record of 39 million, established in 2007-m to year.

In Las Vegas, there are many of the largest hotels in the world, which are more like mini-cities and they have everything that vacationers need – whole streets with cafes, restaurants and shops, swimming pools, sports centres, bars and of course casino. But housing prices are pleasantly pleased, especially compared to other cities in the United States, and also hotels often offer additional discount, so for $30 a day here you can stay in a very comfortable room in the heart of the city, and $100 to rent a gorgeous Suite in one of the best hotels. Continue reading