Novelties of hotel business

Unusual hotels of the world
For someone "renculus" may mean a guarantee of a relaxing holiday, and someone this boring, completely devoid of drive vacation is praytel. For last — our selection of unexpected places…

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Hotels Las Vegas – TOP most original hotels of the entertainment capital of the United States
After we published the detailed instruction "How to get married in Las Vegas ", we regularly seek advice about the wedding. In addition to clarification on the paperwork, one of…

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Unusual hotels

Dubai will create the first year-round ice hotel Blue Lodge. What is the most unusual hotels in the world exist or only planned, look in our gallery.

The hotel should be self-sufficient in energy and not allow the ice to melt at a constant heat in the Persian Gulf. The hotel will be luxurious restaurants, an underwater lounge and ballroom.

The draft of the new five-star hotel in Shanghai, which is going to be built in an abandoned quarry.

Unusual hotel Montaña Mágica (Spanish for “the Magic mountain”), which is located in the crater of an extinct volcano in the middle of the natural Park of Huilo-Huilo.

Flying hotel Manned Cloud “Managed cloud” – designed by renowned French designer Jean-Marie Masso (Jean-Marie Massaud) together with the French aerospace research center ONERA. Continue reading

Beach-hotel “Golden Bay” (Anapa)

How did we end up in this hotel “heaven” prices: one day the weather was not going well, the water of the sea was no (with Tina near the shore) and a girl with two kids from our hotel Anapa advised to spend time in the hotel “Golden Bay”. Our children did not want to swim and even to docusate to the water in the swimming pool of our hotel and also the sea (and we are not alone briefs the newcomers). The girl said that the hotel water is heated to 35 degrees, and that they are with children there climbs, and the youngest son asleep in the stroller.

Think how cool. Need is also there with two children to reach normal time. What about the price she immediately warned and told that the food is better take. We did just that.

So, admission prices for “Solotouch” in Anapa :

500 rubles per a day per person Continue reading

Legendary hotels Sandals

White sandy beaches, lapped by the gentle waves of the ocean. Serene, a Paradise Earth, where time freezes in anticipation of a fabulous Wonderland. Luxury beyond your ability.

. welcome to the world of Sandals!

Here disappears a thin line between Your deepest desires and reality.

His story is now legendary Sandals started about 30 years ago, when the President of the company Mr. Gordon Butch Stewart opened the first hotel in Jamaica luxury resort Montego Bay. And for 18 years Sandals is a recognized leader among hotels in the Caribbean. Sandals because it is one of the first to provide to its customers services on the system “all inclusive”, so common today. But here brought to perfection, it works on the level of exceptional features: Luxury All Inclusive . And now, luxury is just the unconditional attribute of Your comfortable stay. Continue reading

In ancient Kiev hotel “Leipzig” will invest $70 million

$27 million of this amount will provide in the form of a loan of the EBRD. After the reconstruction the hotel will have 180 rooms and underground Parking

The total budget of the project of reconstruction of hotel “Leipzig” will be about $70 million.

This was announced by Director General of ISTIL Management Vadim Nostril. Of this amount, $27 million will be allocated by a loan from the European Bank for reconstruction and development.

“Today, the total Project budget, which includes everything: the cost of the acquisition, completion of technical specifications for connecting to urban networks, construction, supply of necessary equipment, furniture and furnishings of the hotel is about $70 million,” said Nostril. Continue reading

An overview of the most unusual hotels and restaurants

Hotels and restaurants of the new time are striking in their unique idea. Made on new technologies, embodied all the imagination architects, they impress everyone.

Today, architects are getting more and more freedom to implement their insane projects. And one of the most demanded areas for the application of their talent is in the HoReCa sector, i.e. the industry of hotel and restaurant business, which offers plans stunning and unusual structures that impress with their ideas. Huge underwater hotel, hanging in the air restaurant, hotel-volcano and more in the review of the masterpieces of architectural structures

Water Discus hotel, which experts from the Polish architectural Studio Deep Ocean Technology has developed to build in the Persian Gulf right under the water! Its upper disc, which includes a helipad, a swimming pool and a restaurant, will be located at a height of 7 meters above the surface. Continue reading

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